January 2014 Newsletter

This is the Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. It began just as the prophet Isaiah had written. - Mark 1: 1&2

Happy New Year

The coming of Jesus, His ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, His being seated at the right Hand of the Father, all this and more was foretold in Old Testament scripture beginning in Genesis. Their fulfillment attests to the authority and trustworthiness of the Bible. God, in His wisdom, has given us the testimony of scripture and His creation to speak of his glory and authority and wisdom and grace. We need only to embrace and live the faith He makes available to us to have a life of peace, purpose and expectation.

Here in Bombarde we look forward to 2014 with hope and expectation. As we continue serving in our established ministries, we pray for His increase, protection and guidance.

Chain Link Fence

Preparatory work for the chain link fence installation is going forward. This installation is necessary to provide security for the hospital grounds. A group of folks from Steve and Faith's home church, Round Grove, in Miller, MO, will be coming in February to help complete the installation of the fence and replace the roof on our garage.


Ascillio works with us on building cisterns and in showing Lespwa (The Hope), and teaching the related study. He is attending a three week Bible study that is offered by Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). We are so excited and grateful to see God use separate parts of His body in concert to reach souls for His kingdom.

Dry Season

The dry season is upon us. It is expected. Still we pray that the Lord will send us a significant rain or two during this time to help keep cisterns from going empty and to help keep vegetation growing. Despite the lack of rain, our food tree seedlings are doing well. We built additional cistern capacity last year in anticipation of growing increased amounts of seedlings. We have about a hundred mandarin orange trees that are ready to give out to the folks; we are waiting on some rain to come to give them a better start after they are planted.

Hospital Evangelique

We praise God that the hospital continues to function well and touch hundreds of lives every month for Him. We have a great working relationship with the staff, the best ever. Please join us as we pray for the relationships among staff, and between us and the staff, to continue in contentment and respect.

Back to His Work

Betsy, Sharon, and Dan are returning on January 16 after a time of visiting with friends & family and sharing about the ministry in several churches. We have experienced plenty of snow and record cold but it is not just the weather that makes us look forward to returning to Bombarde. We are excited to get back to the work He has entrusted to us. We are especially excited that friends and board members, Curt and Tricia Meadows, will be returning with us, for a nearly three-week visit. We will be building cisterns and working on other water projects, get back to showing Lespwa, get caught upon the record keeping, and seeing our friends and family who await us in Bombarde.

Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying for rain, for continued harmony with staff, that we would be successful with a cistern grant we have applied for, that many will come to know Christ through the hospital outreach and the showing of Lespwa, and for Ascillio as he studies this month.

Sorry for the lack of photos this month. We will try to make up for it next month.

Thank you,
May you have a wonderful, Christ centered 2014,
In Him,
Dan, Sharon, Steve, Faith & Betsy

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