June 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends

Steve & Faith had a great vacation. While they were gone, Dan, Sharon & Betsy stayed extra busy. Steve & Faith were very thankful for the ways they saw God work, giving wisdom and patience for every situation. It's such a blessing to have more people on the team so things run more smoothly.

It was so good for them to be able to get away and enjoy their families and God's creation. They really enjoyed getting to see Spring flowers, trees and green grass. Coming back to Haiti, they see God has blessed the area with rain and they are now enjoying the flowers, trees and green grass here, as well - it was a switch, however, to go from 60's to 80's.

Now it's Dan & Sharon's turn. Aren't vacations great?


Betsy has enjoyed her work with the children in the nutrition program – some days more than others. There are days she just wants to scream or pull her hair out – we all feel that way sometimes, don't we? The last couple of weeks she has been dealing with Rudeny, a 17-month-old girl who came in very sick. The child was so malnourished she was Kwashikor. This means her kidneys aren't functioning well due to protein deficiency and her body keeps swelling from fluid leaking into her tissues.

Rudeny needed to receive a lot of protein, in addition to medicine to treat parasites and worms. Betsy has been overseeing her milk and peanut butter supplements several times a day and, as a result, is enjoying seeing her lose water weight, gain strength and start to get better. Please pray for Rudeny, that there wasn't too much damage caused before she received treatment and that she can recover.

Betsy is in charge of taking and developing x-rays. Here she positions a young man in front of the x-ray plate that is held by a in-house wall mount (just one of the ways of saving money, as a purchased assembly would be much more expensive.).

Betsy is really enjoying spending time with her visiting cousin, Aubrey Dunigan. She is really liking the fact that Steve has to divide his sarcasm between the two of them so she's not getting picked on quite as much.


We were able to send 3 staff members to a class on cancer screening. They learned how to collect PAP smears, which we can send to Port au Prince for testing. A cancer hospital in Port au Prince set this up to allow testing for people out in the province at a reduced cost. This will be a real benefit for the women here in our area, many of whom have never had this done before.

The annual IMF board meeting was held on May 17 in St Louis this year. The President, Ed Stanley, and his wife graciously hosted a fun get-together Friday night before the board meeting on Saturday. The Board discussed plans and goals for the coming year, as well as ongoing hospital and community projects. One of the projects noted was two upcoming cistern efforts: one for 38 cisterns from UN funding and the other for 32 cisterns from private donations. With cisterns overflowing from the recent rains, these projects are so exciting. We would love to add a few more cisterns in hopes of reaching a goal of 500 cisterns completed by this time next year. Another project noted was fruit bearing trees. We will, in the next few months, reach a milestone of 1000 trees being distributed to the local community. Even though there has been sporadic funding for this project over the last few years, we have continued our efforts because we believe so strongly in it. We recently received a generous gift from a family and a grant from MUD Ministry, which will fund this project for the next year or so. Now we need to get started eating mangos, avocados, citrons, cherries, almonds and oranges to have seeds to get them started. It's always a blessing to share joys and struggles together with the board (and supporters). We are reminded again of God's word on this, "Bear ye one another's burdens..." We are so encouraged by the support, prayer and financial, of churches, friends and family. You'll never know how much you are appreciated. We love to hear from you; feel free to send an email, facebook message or message through the website. We know we are not alone. God bless you.

In Christ's Service,
Steve, Faith, Betsy, Sharon, and Dan

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