June 2017 Newsletter

The months of April and May were a whirlwind of travels for the Rideout family. We visited several of the churches that have supported our former work in Montrouis and are continuing to partner with us as we settle in Bombard.

Shipping Container

We are thrilled to share about the container that was shipped in late April. Matt spent several weeks ordering equipment and supplies, arranging logistics, and staging the equipment to be loaded on the container.

The container had approximately 30,000 lbs worth of supplies for the mission. The contents included medicines, medical exam tables, LED lighting for the hospital, metal shelving for the pharmacy, scrubs, and uniforms.

We also had 10,000 watts of solar panels for the hospital and the missionary homes. Our $4,000 investment in solar will offset approximately $500 a month in diesel fuel for the generators.

Along with solar and medical equipment, the container held lots of equipment for the shop. We were able to ship in a large toolbox, 20-ton press, engine hoist, 80-gallon air compressor, and 2-post vehicle lift. This equipment will enable us to be more efficient with our time, as well as significantly increase our ability to maintain our vehicles.

Matt and Sarah would especially like to thank Tommy Scott of Anchor Electric in Madison, TN, for receiving hundreds of boxes of freight, allowing us to use his loading dock and forklift, and clearing his warehouse for us to stage the equipment. We simply would not have been able to pull this off without Tommy's help.

Making the most of every square inch

One tired but happy man

Also, we are thankful for generous gifts from First Presbyterian Church (Huntsville, AL), First United Methodist Church (Gonzales, TX), and The Vine Church (McMinnville, TN), who enabled us to purchase every single item on our wishlist. We are truly blown away by God's provision and the generosity of so many friends who have become like family.

Admittedly, Matt underestimated the shear amount of work and time shipping a container load of supplies would be. However, with so much help from his father (Charlie), Bo Lundy, and Nicky & Kristy Runk, it made the task possible.

The container has already been delivered to Port au Prince, loaded onto cargo trucks, and delivered to Bombard! What a tremendous blessing to have received all of our supplies without issue or hassle!

Truck loaded and headed from Port to Bombardopolis

Haitian Air Ambulance

Here in Bombard, we received a special visit from the Ayiti Air Ambilans (Ambulance) lifeflight program, explaining the services they offer and how to sign up for their service. They have two helicopters that will fly and pick up their clients in the event of a medical emergency that cannot be cared for onsite. Our family had the privilege of transporting them to and from the soccer field and taking pictures with the doctors and helicopter ambulance itself. We are thankful that their service exists, and we sincerely hope some of our staff will take advantage of the services offered to enhance their access to medical care.

Birthday Celebration

We also celebrated Willow's birthday this month with a special strawberry cream cheese banana bread made with strawberries from the plants that Bo and Nancy Lundy brought us in late winter and that Steve and Jeanik so lovingly cultivated. So very thankful to have strawberries in Haiti! Willow was even more elated to receive a new bike and helmet, and we are overjoyed - and a slight bit overwhelmed – that she is now an upcoming 1st grader!!!! We are so proud of her little life.

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