December 2017

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of everyone at International Missionary Fellowship, I'd like to say Merry Christmas and thank you for your prayers and support throughout this past year. It has been a year filled with the awesome works of God in the ministry.

I want to share a few of the major highlights, beginning with Steve and Faith Leach's and Betsy Rennells' return to the States after having served faithfully for over 20 and 5 years, respectively. They heard the call of Our Lord to serve and they obeyed! Thank you.

We are thankful for God's leading of Matt and Sarah Rideout to assume the role of IMF's missionaries to Bombardopolis. It is exciting and inspiring to see the many things they have accomplished already during their short tenure.

During this time, God blessed us with a smooth transition. Of course there were some bumps and hiccups, but from my perspective, it was one of the best organizational transitions I've ever witnessed. We are praying that God will continue to bless IMF so that we may continue His work by serving the folks in Bombardopolis.

Once again, thank you for your prayers and continued support. May the Lord bless you as we celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Curt Meadows
IMF President of the Board

Now on to our update from the field:

Cast Removal

Matt has been busy learning new skills! A big thanks to Dr. Horn of Huntsville, AL for the donation of a new cast saw and cast removal tools. Within just a few weeks of receiving the equipment, Matt has removed more than a dozen casts with ease. It's less traumatic for the patients, and for the practitioner! Being that we have the only working x-ray capabilities within a several hour drive, we receive many patients who have been victims of motorcycle accidents and soccer injuries, as well as the occasional child who got just a little too high in a mango tree!

Hospital Gazebo

We recently completed construction on our new patient waiting area! In Haitian Kreyol, it's called a shokun. We are excited to have a cool, clean place for patients to wait on lab results, consultations, and ultrasounds, plus relax while a family member is hospitalized. This thatched structure is 58 feet in diameter, giving us 2600 square feet of additional usable square footage.

The building took nearly three months to complete because of all the rain we received this fall. We were also able to pour 3300 square feet of concrete sidewalks to connect various hospital buildings to the new gazebo.

We hope to build a dozen new benches to provide adequate seating in the near future.

New Office Building

We are very excited to begin the construction of a 450 square foot administration building. This building will be an addition to our existing vaccination facility. It will contain three offices, a storage closet, and a conference room. This space will greatly improve communication and functionality for the administrative team.

Administrative Team

We saved the best for last! As the new fiscal year begins in Haiti, we are privileged to announce the hiring and development of two new critical roles at the mission. First is our new hospital assistant administrator, Guerson Faubert, second is Sadrac Pompilus, our accountant. These men are of great integrity and ability. Matt has known and worked with both of them for more than 5 years.

Guerson and Sadrac's hiring solidifies a new direction for the ministry. Going forward, our vision is to improve the mission's sustainability. Our top priority is to structure the hospital so that it does not depend on foreigners for daily operations. A Haitian hospital, run, led, and staffed by Haitians!

We are pleased to welcome Sadrac and Guerson to the IMF family.

Please do not respond directly to this email, as it goes to an email address that is not monitored. If you would like to contact someone at IMF, please email, or go to our website at Thanks!