Update from the Field
5 October 2017

In lieu of the monthly newsletter for September, here are a few updates from Bombardopolis.

Solar Update

We've been working hard over the past few months to complete a large solar installation with equipment we shipped in the container earlier this spring. IMF invested $9000 in a 12 kilowatt photovoltaic solar project. The project involved installing 33 large solar panels (with help from our friends at Round Grove Baptist Church and Foothills Community Church), new large capacity inverters, new wiring, and larger capacity deep cycle batteries.

We are proud to announce that the system is completely installed as of July 22. We have only had to run our generator for a total of 9 hours this month! This coupled with eliminating costly and inefficient propane fridges will save the mission more than $9600 in fuel and propane over the next 12 months! This is a tremendous blessing! No more emergency middle-of-the-night medical procedures done by flashlight!

Farewell Party

This month the hospital staff held a great secret and threw a big suprise party for Steve, Faith, and Betsy. They worked to invite members of the community, as well as many of their family and friends. Many of the staff took time to tell fun old stories on each of them. The staff also took time to personally thank them for their years of service. Steve, Faith, and Betsy were each presented with a plaque, a great honor in Haitian culture.

Food Tree Project

The Lord has blessed us with abundant rain this summer! Jeneek has been busy planting Fransik mangos seeds. We've got a healthy crop that will be ready to distribute next fall.

We've also had fun experimenting with vegetables . . . a healthy crop of cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries have been a real treat!

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