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    • Excerpts from Faith's Journal - "This journey started 21 years ago . . ."
    • Hospital News: Looking at the changes and growth in the hospital over 21 years.
    • The Cistern Project: We have been using the dry time to repair cisterns.
    • Betsy had a unique opportunity when a team of 12 came from her home church to work with a mission in Port-au-Prince.
    • Matt and Sarah Rideout have had a busy month getting settled in at Bombard while diving right into projects and training.
    • Hospital Evangelique: It's also been a busy month at the hospital with consultations, mobile clinics, and numerous administration and finance meetings; there has been an increase in typhoid cases in the area over the last 6-12 months.
    • Premature Infants: Betsy and Faith reflect on a surprise visit from a 2-year-old girl and her parents, whom they cared for Dec 2014 – Feb 2015.
    • Steve shares the "God is big, He does what he wants" story behind how God brought the Rideout family to Bombarde in answer to prayer.
    • Steve introduces Matt and Sarah Rideout and their three children as their replacements to carry on the work in Bombardopolis.
    • A word from the president of the IMF Board of Directors.


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